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How Karma Yoga Can Keep You Sane

Does this sound familiar? You have a project due for work. Maybe it’s a presentation. Maybe it’s a report. Maybe it’s a performance piece, complete with trained ducks, rings of fire, and a dramatic rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot.” Whatever it is, you give it your all. You prepare. You practice. When the time [...]

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The Secret to Embracing the Unknown

How comfortable are you with not knowing? Do you hate it? Or do you embrace the Unknown, bursting forth into its wide, expansive horizon? Actually, it might not be a wide, expansive horizon. It could be. But it could also be a tiny cave with killer bats and a drooling cave monster. That’s why they [...]

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My Guru Has a Tail, Episode 7: The Secret

Have you ever had something you’re embarrassed about? Something you don’t want anyone to know? Actually, I don’t need to ask that question. Everybody has secrets. Everybody has things they’re ashamed about, things they’d rather keep hidden. And that includes my Guru, Lucy the cat. I always thought that the Guru was a free and [...]

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The Quickest Route to a Happy Life

When it comes to being happy, what’s your approach? Do you take the material route – cars and yachts and fancy clothes? Or maybe you’re an experience junkie – chilling on the beach in Cancun or zip-lining in Costa Rica. Or perhaps you’re one of those spiritual types – meditating for hours, repeating the perfect [...]

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How to Move Beyond Emotional Pain

If you’re reading this, you’ve already bought your ticket to the human experience. As you know, it can be a fun ride. Food, sex, moonlight cruises. There are some great perks to this human gig. But it can also be challenging. We lose things – jobs, people. Stuff happens. We fall down and it’s hard [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Intellect and Intuition? A Case Study

­­­ How do you access your intuition? Do you experience it as an inner knowing? Or a gut sense? Do you see images and pictures that guide you in the right direction? Or maybe you’ve made a habit of ignoring your intuition and, as a result, your life looks like this: I know, it’s not [...]

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What to Do If You Don’t Believe in Your Own Dreams

­What do you do when you have the chance of having a dream come true? Mind you, I said the chance. That means it hasn’t happened yet. That means you are forced to have the marvelous opportunity to wait in the expectation of this dream coming to fulfillment. Can you do it? Can you imagine [...]

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How to Avoid the Other Shoe Syndrome

­­­ We all know about the “other shoe” and how we’re supposed to wait for it to drop. But what’s that about? Why are we waiting? And what does the Other Shoe Syndrome say about our lives? Is there another way to see things? First, some history. As it turns out, the expression “waiting for [...]

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What My Mailbox Taught Me About Happiness

What’s grey, made of metal, and likes to share profound spiritual truths? Is it a harmonica? A cappuccino maker? A Toyota Prius? While all three of these items certainly fit the description (especially the Prius!), there is no grey metal dispenser of profound truths more dear to me – more loyal! more divine! – than [...]

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What to Do If You’re Not Fulfilled by Your Accomplishments

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You’ve achieved something really awesome. And you know you’re supposed to feel good about it. And you do. For a little while. But then something else kicks in. Something squirrely. Like a squirrel, this feeling is jittery and in constant motion. It prevents you from truly enjoying your accomplishment. [...]

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