The End of “Life in Z-D” as We Know It

Yup, that’s what I said. But don’t panic. Every end is a new beginning. Every time one door closes, another one opens. I know what you’re thinking: Cut the crap, Goofball. You can’t stop now! You make me laugh. You make me cry. You give me something to do at work when I’m bored out […]

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My Guru Has a Tail, Part 8: The Miracle

A few days after I wrote this post, the Guru (aka our kitty Lucy) died suddenly of undetected heart failure. Although a tribute post will be forthcoming, I wanted to share the following with you in its original form. Everything here is a tribute to our feisty little Guru. We love you, Lou. Can people […]

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Take the All-Day Appreciator Challenge!

Have you ever listened to what your mind is telling you? Like, really listened? If your mind is anything like my mind, it can get pretty interesting in there. Sure, my mind coughs up some deep and profound stuff from time to time. It also gets totally blissed out and happy on occasion. But it […]

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What the Dandelion Has to Teach You About Being a Badass

When you think of a total Badass, who comes to mind? Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction? Margaret Cho? Samuel L. and Margaret Cho put the “Bad” in Badass, no doubt. But there’s another Badass who is frequently neglected, a small but mighty entity that causes all the other Badasses to bow down in fear […]

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Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want. And Why That’s a Good Thing.

In the New Age/Metaphysical/Woo-Woo movement, we’re fond of saying that you can be, do or have anything you want. Wanna write a bestseller?! You can do it! Wanna live in a mansion?! It’s yours! Wanna be a rock star?! Rock on with your bad self! But is it really true that we can be, do […]

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Here’s an Awesome Affirmation to Claim and Embody Your Uniqueness

Everybody’s always saying that we’re supposed to claim and embody our uniqueness, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Do you feel me? Yes, every snowflake is completely different. And yes, we are like those snowflakes in our amazing, beautiful difference. But what about when the snowflake keeps getting stared at because it doesn’t look like […]

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What’s the Trick to the Law of Attraction?

­­ What do you do when something bad less-than-pleasing happens? Do you tell yourself: A) Bad things are always happening to me. Cuz I’m a loser like that. B) Bad thing? What bad thing? C) I caused it! I caused the bad thing with my bad less-than-pleasing vibration! If you’re in group A, you might […]

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What’s Better – Help from Seen or Unseen Sources?

We’ve all been there. Something goes wrong: We get hurt. Someone offends us. Our car runs out of gas. So how do we get out of trouble? Where do we turn for help? Do we look for assistance from things we can see – people, places and things? Or is it better to ask for […]

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Here’s a Trick to Keep You Moving Forward on Any Project

How many times have you had this happen: You start a brand new project. Maybe it’s a garden. Or a daily exercise routine. Or a rock opera about the lives of dyslexic mathematicians. Whatever it is, you get off to a roaring start. In fact, you make tons of progress your first day. Then tons […]

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Why You Have to Stop Looking for Something in Order to Find It: A Case Study

What’s the worst thing you ever lost? A house? A job? Your mind? In the greater scheme of things, my recent loss wasn’t very big. In fact, it was teeny weeny. Here’s what I lost: For those of you who aren’t sure what you’re looking at, it’s a top to a water bottle. The water […]

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